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N-methyl tyramine

N-Methyl-tyramine sounds like a mouthful but this compound is absolutely incredible for energy and fat-burning! L-Tyramine is a trace amine derived from the popular amino acid,Tyrosine, and this is actually L-Tyramine “on meth”,

Benefits of Activating Beta Receptors with N-Methyl-tyramine

iForce Nutrition is focusing on stimulating beta receptors rather than inserting compounds into our body that can have unknown effects. It’s a fact; beta receptors play a lot into lipolysis or burning fat.

Beta 1 Receptor Stimulation by N-Methyl-Tyramine

NMT can stimulate Beta 1 receptor and gain the following natural effects:

  • An increased cardiac output – helps circulate oxygen and nutrients
  • Release of Renin from the kidneys – Renin is needed for the renin-angiotensin system that helps regulate your blood pressure

Beta 2 Receptor Stimulation by N-Methyl-Tyramine

Another receptor is the Beta 2 Receptor. These are the following results with NMT stimulation found in Dexaprine:

  • Smooth muscle relaxation such as in the GI tract and Bronchus

  • Anabolism in muscles such as skeletal muscles – Very important effect!Anabolism means that your muscles are GROWING.

  • Dilates blood vessels or the arteries to skeletal muscles – Allows more blood to get in your muscles. More blood means more oxygen and fluids that allow your muscle to make use of fat for energy.

  • Glycogenolysis and gluconeogenesis – These two simply mean one thing, N-methyl-tyramine will FLOOD your body with energy! What’s more important is glycogen or a special form of Fat in your liver is burned off! No more fatty liver!

  • Insulin secretion – Helps a lot by making your cells more efficient in burning glucose and energy.

  • Improved brain function – Increases neurotransmitters making you think faster and react in a split second. It’s very useful in sport competitions.

Beta 3 receptor stimulation by N-Methyl-Tyramine

The last beta receptor has fewer functions than the first two. However many fat loss supplements focus on this beta receptor because it’s main function is lipolysis. It’s also weaker than the first two because it doesn’t cause changes to your cardiovascular system. No rapid pulse rate for this beta receptor.

Among the three beta receptors mentioned, NMT stimulates Beta 2 best! That means you enjoy the benefits of burning fat right off from your adipose tissue and improve your mental cognition.

Are there any Side effects of N-Methyl-Tyramine?

As far as side effects are concerned, NMT doesn’t pose much risk of cardiovascular effects. NMT has a greater affinity for Beta 2 and Beta 3 receptors unlike the Beta 1 receptor which causes palpitations.